Local Mental Health Resources


Grass Valley/Nevada City:
  • Nevada County Behavioral Health 24-hour crisis line (Grass Valley): 530.265.5811
  • Community Beyond (Domestic) Violence 24-hour crisis line (Grass Valley): 530.272.3467
  • Sierra Family Medical Clinic (North San Juan): 530.292.3478
  • Chapa De Indian Health Clinic (Grass Valley): 530.477.8545
  • Western Sierra Medical Clinic (Grass Valley): 530.274.9762
  • Anew Day (Nevada City) Provides counseling and a sliding scale fee schedule: 530.470.9111
  • NAMI (Nevada County) Parent support organization—can help parents connect with a mental health provider: 530.648.0178


Auburn/Placer County:
  • Placer County 24-hour Child and Teen Help: 800.852.8336 or 310.855.4673
  • Stand Up Placer County (Domestic Violence 24-hour Hotline): 530.575.5352
  • Chapa De Indian Health Program (Auburn): 530.887.2800
  • Western Sierra Medical Clinic (Auburn): 530.537.3000
  • Placer County Children’s System of Care (Auburn): 530.889.6700