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Interdistrict and District of Choice Requests

Interdistrict Transfers:

Students on approved Interdistrict Attendance Agreements must maintain a minimum of 95% attendance rate, passing grade-level academic standards, and any discipline referrals will automatically necessitate a review of the Interdistrict Agreement process. Interdistrict Agreements are initiated in the district of residence. Children may not be enrolled at requested schools until Interdistrict Agreements are approved by both districts. Approval is based on space availability. lnterdistrict Agreements are granted for one year only and must be resubmitted annually for reconsideration. Transportation shall be the responsibility of the parent. Should an interdistrict request be denied at the district level, an appeal may be filed with the Nevada County Board of Education within 30 calendar days of the date the request was denied. (E.C. 46601)

District of Choice Transfers:

Completed applications must be returned to the district office prior to January 1 for enrollment in the next school year. The transfer will be renewed automatically each year unless the district withdraws from the School District of Choice program and no longer accepts transfer students.


The district of choice may reject the transfer if:

  • it would negatively impact any desegregation plan or racial and ethnic balance of the district
  • it requires the district to create a new program or provide a new service to meet the student’s needs
  • it would cause a student who resides or is currently enrolled in the district to be displaced
  • the student has been expelled from another school district