Poor Air Quality

PRUSD Families and Staff,

The air quality in our region has consistently been unhealthy due to the mosquito fire. PRUSD schools will remain open at this time. We know that our community depends on us to remain open as long as we can continue to serve while keeping students and staff safe. Our classrooms provide a safe setting for students and staff. Often, our classrooms provide safer air ventilation and filtration systems than residential homes. When the air quality is in Unhealthy or above the range of air quality, all activities are to remain indoors.  
Information on air quality and smoke can be found on the following website: AirNow - https://fire.airnow.gov.

What would cause schools to be closed?
Suppose the air quality sustains a Hazardous Level (301+) for a prolonged period. In that case, the PRUSD school district will seek counsel from the Nevada County Department of Public Health as to whether or not schools should consider closing. The decision will be made by district staff, and every effort will be made to close before the start of the school day.
We recommend that families track air quality conditions and limit or restrict outdoor activities during unhealthy conditions. The district will continue to evaluate conditions at our schools. Please know that the safety of our students and staff is our highest priority.